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we're fucked

"Poor France is ill and our city is a wound, inflamed by all efforts to heal her.

A king once ruled, headstrong and corrupt… now headless and a corpse, murdered by men just as vile.

Today, fanatics from all sides spill blood on every corner. 

A thousand terrors I mean to cure. Day by day.

Street by street.

Templar by Templar.”

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"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world"

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Red, a world about to dawn!

Black, the night that ends at last!

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When your dreams all fail
And the ones we hail
Are the worst of all
And the blood’s run stale

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No one can help me,” said Malfoy. His whole body was shaking. “I can’t do it… I can’t… It won’t work… and unless I do it soon… he says he’ll kill me…” And Harry realized, with a shock so huge it seemed to root him to the spot, that Malfoy was crying — actually crying — tears streaming down his pale face into the grimy basin.

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They keep telling me I’m a miracle… but I think I’m cursed.

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Eminem - Not Afraid | Released on April 29, 2010, Not Afraid became the 16th song in Billboard history to debut on the US Billboard Hot 100 at number one. In June 2014, the song was certified 10x Platinum by RIAA, making Eminem the first artist with digital diamond awards for two songs.

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